Welcome to La Leche League Edinburgh

La Leche League Edinburgh are here to support you with your breastfeeding journey – from pregnancy to weaning and beyond!

Face to face meetings

🆕 Beyond babyhood meeting

Join us for our first face to face meeting aimed at those feeding older babies on 31 July at 12:00! We will be meeting outdoors in Moray Place Gardens (west end near Stockbridge/Queen Street). Details on how to access the gardens will be provided on confirmation. No age limit – all are welcome – but please note there are no toilet facilities or comfy chairs! There is an awning for shade/cover, please bring a picnic blanket, suncream and/or waterproofs. Sign up here . See you there!

Our next meeting will be 10:30 on 6 August at the Cornerstone Centre, St John’s (corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road). We hope to continue meeting here the first Friday of every month. We will open bookings a week before (30 July).

Some of you may know this lovely, bright, airy building from pre-lockdown times; we have risk-assessed the space and are comfortable offering this as the location for our face to face support. If you’ve not been to an in person meeting before, have a look at this short video to see what to expect. Meetings will obviously not be exactly as they were, but it’s a start!

ALL are welcome at our meetings – not just tiny babies or those with struggles. In fact, we encourage it! Mums sharing their breastfeeding experiences is at the heart of LLL meetings ❤️.

See you soon!

LLLove the Edinburgh Leaders – Eden, Ellie, Karla, Miriam, Sarah, Thea and Victoria

P.S. We will continue to run our weekly meetings and the monthly Saturday group (see below), and don’t forget you can contact us at any time! See the Get support page for more details.

Meetings on Zoom

We have three regular meetings:

The “register/join” links above will take you to Zoom, where there’s a short registration form if you haven’t attended that meeting before (or aren’t signed in). You only need to register once for any given time. After registering, you’ll be emailed a personal link to attend all future meetings at that time. Please email us if you need a hand!

If it is your first meeting, it would be lovely to get to know you a bit more by filling in our short registration form .

We are all volunteers and offer support to you while juggling our own family lives and commitments. We will keep the website and Facebook page updated, but please bear with us!