Privacy Policy

La Leche League Edinburgh is committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of those who contact us, whether by telephone, by coming to our meetings, or by electronic means such as email or using our website. This Privacy Policy explains what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you whilst you visit our site. We do update this Policy from time to time so please do review this Policy regularly.

Information We Collect

No trackers of any kind, first-party or third-party, are installed on this website.

The servers that this website resides on (Netlify ) collect information about the network requests (such as IP address and access time) for logging purposes, and is deleted after 30 days at most.

Support by phone

When you phone our helpline or leave a message for our callback service your phone number will be visible to the volunteer who takes your call, and a summary of any voicemail message you leave will be shared with a small group of our volunteers to establish who will contact you. During a phone call our volunteers will usually take notes to help them support you, and we will ask for a contact email or mobile number if you’d like us to email, text or call you back with more information.

When a call is finished we retain our notes, usually with your first name, number and an outline of what was discussed. These are kept securely so the volunteer who spoke to you can remind herself of details if you speak again (or can send you follow up information if you have agreed to this) and are retained for up to six years for insurance purposes. If you tell us your child’s first name we’ll check you’re happy for us to keep this with our notes too. If we have safeguarding concerns we retain the right to contact appropriate outside agencies, after discussing this with you and with our designated Safeguarding Officer . Other than this your details will always be kept confidential unless we are required by law to share them.

Attendance at meetings

When you come to an LLL meeting, we’ll ask you to sign in so that we can record numbers for our statistics. You’ll also have the option to share your email address and/or phone number if you’d like us to stay in touch with you, but you’re not obliged to give this information. If you have a one to one discussion with one of our volunteers at a meeting she will retain brief notes including your first name, which will be stored as described above.

Deleting the information we hold about you

If at any time you wish us to remove all the information we hold on you, please contact with your name and any details you have of who you were in contact with and when, so we can ensure it is promptly removed.

On occasion we include links to third parties on this website. Where we provide a link it does not mean that we endorse or approve that site’s policy towards visitor privacy. You should review their privacy policy before sending them any personal data.

Access to Information

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to access any information that we hold relating to you.

Contacting Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Privacy Policy.